Sunday, February 27, 2011

With great power, comes great responsibility....

I watched the movie Iron Man with my husband. He wanted to watch a "grown up" movie together, so we did. We have watched many movies in the past with comic book heores and action/adventure, etc....but it was hard watching this movie.
First because the violence that was portrayed on the scene in Afghanistan is not merely fiction. It is too close reality. Then, there is the frustration that came from my immediate suspicion of the soon to be revealed villain. The ultimate frustration of the abuse of power, the corruption, the greed and love of money that fueled the evil powers that be to sell and take arms against innoncent people.
I could not help but think of Oppenheimer and his atomic bomb. The scientist is often interested only in the sake of science and what it can achieve. Such things are safe only in the hands of benevolent people. However, the scientists when tempted by pride and sometimes financial gain, fall prey to manipulation of those in power.
It is hard not to see that there is a slippery slope in all of science, even medical science. We have the ability to do this and that, but should we? Yes, just because we can? The basic tenants of medical practice vow to first, do no harm. Medical scientists can be tempted by pride. Even the proposed desire to save life and treat disease can be manipulated by the powers that control the money and the political power. In the name of healing, we could be capable of hurting. It is important that with all the medications, research for genetic testing and biological developments that we do not create a monster we wish we would have kept hidden, despite the scientific advances it could achieve.
Mind you, I am not an enemy of science, medicine or research. However, we humans fall prey to our pride and often try to play God in ways that we cannot. And if we are not careful, our developoments could leave us staring our Frankenstein's monster in the face, fearful wondering if the sake of science was worth the price. To sum up my thoughts on this, it is important to remember that all power comes great responsibility. Those in power have the repsonsibility to consider the greater good, but unforuntately power corrupts.
On a personal note, the peace I keep is that God saves. So I pray for godly leaders, scientists and medical providers.

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