Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Just yesterday I planted those rose bushes
Not a bud on them, and now the roses are blooming!
Just yesterday? No. It was 5 weeks ago.
Just yesterday, my little miss was a baby
Not walking or talking just lying in my arms
Just yesterday? No. It was 5 years ago.

I heard all the carpe diem lines
They ring true....but do I truly seize the most important precious moments?
Or are they slipping, like water through my hands?

So many stones left to turn,
So many tasks left to do,
Why must this body waste away hours sleeping?
When there is yet so much to do?


What is the answer? How do I fit it all in?
Where do I begin?

Must enjoy this season
Springtime lasts only so long
Then dreadful boiling summers
Followed by dreary winters
Oh but the autumn squeezes golden highlights in the midst of the two

but spring,oh joyful springtime
many a ballad about spring and youth

oh let me not waste away
these joyous spring days
let me slow down
focus on the silly schemes
the delightful smiles
the way she looks in the mirror and says
"Mommy, my eyes sparkle"

Oh they do indeed
and my heart warms at some silly feat
uttered phrase that is so grown up for my little girl
Let these golden moments linger on....

I will have more time for doing the things I ought to do
For now, let me not miss the springtime of her youth

Five seconds....fades into five weeks....into...five years...
Don't want to forget to smell the flowers
Dance in the rain and wear out the silliness

For the flowers need water and food to grow
But how bright they grow, when they are paid
Extra attention

Let's go and enjoy it!