Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wintery Mix

Looking out the window upon a gray sky
To some it is dreary
To others it is comforting
A brisk winter's day
They say the snow will be here soon!
We don't get a lot of snow in these parts.....
The excitement builds....

The tall trees stand still
A little dampened from the earlier shower
Ready to meet the wintery mix

Bundled up in their coats
Faces rush along to their affairs
Hurried in and out of buildings

Sitting quietly in a warm room
Looking on this landscape
In awe of the wonders of nature

Visions of children laughing
Gathering snowballs
Reddened cheeks peak out
From the scarves and hats and coats and gloves

Lookers on cannot help but notice
The joyful playing
Knowing they were rushing somewhere
They pause for a moment to take it in

Roll up a snow ball
Toss it

Old Man Winter
At last --it is you
That can finally slow down
This crazy pace

Looking out upon this landscape
Looking up into the sky
Beyond the clouds
In the heavens
The author of it all
Smiles and Sighs.......