Friday, February 18, 2011

Dancing in Heaven

Often times, you cross my mind
But I would dare not write a verse
No lines that I could pen
Could serve your memory justice

But often times I think of your brief candle
The brevity was painfully short
Your absence breaks the hearts of
Two people I love dearly
And so it breaks my own

Questions, there were many
And yes I have my own
But it is not my loss nor my pain
So it is not my privilge to dwell
But then again though you were not mine
You are my family
And so it is natural that your absence grieves me

And when I think of you now
or hear your sweet name
I think of something sacred
Untarnished and unstained
And when I see the pictures
Of your sweet face
I see God's beauty, love and GRACE

And though we have yet to meet
So deep I love you still
And I know in faith, in greener pastures
Some day our souls will meet

For now sweet child
I am left with imagining
And when I hear your sweet name
I see a little girl dancing

Dancing round and giggling
And laughing with lots of joy
Because you dance before our King
Joy is all you will ever know

So it breaks my heart
For all the things we never got to do
But keep dancing there in heaven child
Some day we will dance with you

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