Sunday, January 9, 2011

thought i had something to say...

thoughts flooded my mind and some seemed quite profound
excited i made an effort to go and write them down
and of course i was distracted before i found the pen
but a few hellos and social updates and back on course again

i tried to retrieve the thoughts, there were more than a few
hopefully once i began to write they would all just break through
but i sat in silence waiting for the words to be penned
silently i waited and my mind, which races most often
was blank- nothing..

at first i was frustrated, because i lost my words
they were quite life changing to anyone who heard
and the message they would send was one of hope and inspiration
but as i sat there in that blank moment i had a realization

my words are not all that profound
whether i keep them in or write then down

i am just a silly soul that is lost just like you
but thanks to grace through faith i have a light to guide me through
that light, that guide is the result of a sinless,Holy man
that gave his life so we do not have to die if we choose to follow him

oh some time ago his words were written down
now those words are worth your time and they are quite profound
they are not silly sing song rhymes such as this verse
but they are life changing truths that tell us how to live our life on this earth
and through these words that you will read your life can be changed
if you open your mind and open your heart and let this Savior in

so i thought i had something to say, but it's likely to have been said
but what matters most this very day, are not the thoughts in my head
but the words of the Savior who came to give his life for every man
don't trust me, read for yourself and learn about God's plan
for you and me all the world because his love is true
silly souls such as you and i can live once this life is through