Wednesday, July 28, 2010

God is EVER faithful!

God, my shepherd, I don’t need a thing. You have bedded me down in lush meadows, you find me quiet pools to drink from. True to your word, you let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction. Psalm 23:1-3 (MSG)

I read this verse today emailed as the header of a daily devotional. This message speaks to my heart from the Lord. I am at a point in which our wonderful heavenly father has allowed me to catch my breath as I seek out his will for the next direction I should go. If I read this verse in any other translation it would not speak to me as this does. I read from the NIV almost always...but through an email devotional our ever faithful God lets me know HE IS STILL HERE and HE IS LISTENING to the PRAYERS of my heart.

My little girl is about to begin Kindergarten. A milestone that is looked on with joy, but also sadness. It is symbolic of those "baby" years are done. She is my only child at this point and so it carries more weight. Time is not has flown by. We are excited about all that is to come mind you.

I am at a crossroad professionally. I just resigned from the private practice which I interned with as a student and spent the last 1.5 years working, growing relationships with colleagues, patients and their families. I took another position that allowed me more family time. Day one at this position I knew I was not supposed to be there. So driving home after letting that practice know it would not work out I realized, I am for the moment unemployed.

Now typically this would stir up anxiety. I had a peace though. I went home. Greeted my family. Talked about it to process. Then I took a walk in a thunderstorm.
There was lightning, thunder and rain. I was calm at peace. The Lord's peace that defies all understanding consumed me.

So committed to pray about where I should go next in reflection I relaize not too long ago, I cried out wanting time with my child and to just slow down time and sit at His feet.

He has answered my prayer...I have some time. I must not squander it but sit at His feet. Seek His kingdom and seize the moments with my child during the daily hours that I normally do not get to share with her before we both start a new season of life.

I am not sure what lies ahead. I am praying for that. In the meantime I will BE STILL and Wait and enjoy this present moment that God has granted me. This is merely one example of God's unchanging faithfulness, love, grace and mercy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

afternoon shower or (maybe i've gone mad)

Walking thru the streets
Rain is pouring down
Flowing across my toes
Lightning strikes, thunder roars
Water is moving in haste
My soul is calm
All around me this storm rages
But I see thru the surface
A bird takes her refuge
On a leaf of the tree
The frogs sing out a chorus
That silly lost dog
Does not look so lost
Why is he following me
Now he leads a while
And breaks to the left
Walking thru the stream
See you later friend
Walking thru the streets
Lookers on have a nervous smile
I walk and talk and I feel at home
What seems an oddity to many
Feels so strangely familiar
The cold water meets my back.
The warm water rushes across my feet.
Content in this strange scene
I am thankful for this moment
This refreshing downpour
Washing away
my regrets
my past failures
the madness of the world
i lift my eyes up to the sky
feel the rain upon my lips
and thank you for your love
i have never felt so alive...